List of reports

Hormo Studio monitoring and reports contains:

  • Summary reports and overview contains total requests amount, CPU usage, Memory usage, Request rates and Apdex Score

  • Requests section contains some reports and charts for your whole request status based on types, Errors By Method, Average Handle Time, Requests in processing live chart, Request Rate By Method live chart and Error Rate By Method.

  • Errors section contains list of each errors which happened in your requests by internal and external users based on Errors by Status Code, Top 404 Not Found Path Count, Top 500 Internal Server Error Path Count and more.

  • Longest Requests section contains list of whole requests which took time more than normal and helps you to improve your endpoints and models.

  • Rates & Durations section contains the whole rate and durations reports for your requests and errors and live chart for requests and errors Rate Trend.

  • Payload section contains your request and responses payload reports and rates and live chart for requests and responses payload.

  • API Calls section contains list of your latest API requests which helps you to get sever detail information and statistics about each of requests.

  • API Operation Details gives you easy access to filter your recent API calls with a lot of live charts and list of params.

Let's get start to learn how should handle your errors in monitoring ;)

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