Create Database

Hormo Studio models are connect to the backend services by databases via data sources that provide create, retrieve, update, and delete (CRUD) functions. Hormo Studio also generalizes other backend services, such as REST APIs, SOAP web services, storage services, and so on, as data sources. Data sources are backed by connectors that implement the data exchange logic using database drivers or other client APIs.

So let's start by connect your first database to your back-end services. Below is create database section in Hormo Studio:

As default we create memory type database for your models but you can connect another types of databases such as mongodb, mysql, postgressql, oracle and redis by fill out your database configurations.

As you can see in the picture we have to set some information to connect our database like Name, Host address (localhost/server), Port, Username and Password for your database security if exist.

When you click on check icon, your database gonna save to your Hormo Studio back-end services and you can assign your db to each model your want that we gonna explain that in next step.

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