Admin dashboard generating based on models definition to prepare place as back-end service for managing your data. After deploy your services you can serve your admin dashboard.

When you run and start your project in local or on your server you can reach to your automated served admin dashboard

By default admin dashboard serve on port 3006 but you can change it in your exported codes or in Hormo Studio settings section.

When you start to enter dashboard you will see login page at the first. Default username and password for login are as below and you can change them in settings section for production.

  • Username: admin@hormo.studio

  • Password: qwertyuiop

If you set your brand image in settings you will have your own brand in the admin dashboard user interface.

So after you login successfully, you gonna reach to admin dashboard overview which contains your models and data counts. lets figure out to work with data's at the next step.


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