How it works ?

We have core product for building models and database management. Every models has a lot of configurations and properties. Core product has a duty to do for two types of responsibility. First building and managing the models with needed configurations and second it should be generating services based on models design.

We provide GUI environment in our desktop software to make it easy due creating your models or managing your databases without any line of code. Also we designed a sections for our built-in services like API’S, Admin dashboard, Monitoring and so on in our software which helps developers to work with their services in our software. We bring these all services together in our application alongside of our core technology and this combination make it so fast to build your services easy and super fast. Here is our software screenshot to find out more about our software workspace environment.

We have workflow for building every project with our platform and workspace.

  • Models: Design and Build your models based on your needs by configs and properties like designing your database. Each model has some configs and properties with a lot of options.

  • Configurations: Before starting to checkout your services you should configure your services. Hormo Studio has some configurations in platform for managing databases and your whole services configurations.

  • Deliver Services: After model definition, Hormo Studio will automatically generate the services for you. You can run your project now and start to test, manage, develop, and deploy your services.

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